Data Insertion

Data insertion is the copying of data from one area of the spreadsheet into another. Typically, it is used by control components (for example, a push button, a radio button, or a dropdown box), where the user’s choice determines which data is copied and pasted into a different cell or a range of cells. This copied data can then be used by other functions or even bound to the properties of other components.

The data mover function is also used to insert and/or move data behind the scenes.

Binding other components to the copied data means that they will update in response to the user’s selection.

Watch the following video to see how you can easily incorporate data insertion into your Squirrel projects, or follow the Step-by-step guide below if you prefer:

That’s the end of this tutorial on Data Insertion. Try experimenting with the different components to see how they handle data insertion and how you can use that within your projects. If you haven’t already used the Data Mover function, that also can be used to move data around the spreadsheet.

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