This over page covers the basics of publishing Squirrel projects and its uses.

What is a "published" project?

When we use the term "published" in the context of Squirrel, it refers to a project that has been created in Squirrel and can be viewed in a browser or embedded into an iframe. Depending on the current license, there are two publishing options available: 1. Publish to Cloud: This option allows you to export the project to the cloud for easy access and sharing. 2. Publish to Local: This option enables you to export your project to your local machine as a zipped index.html file.

For more information on the respective publishing options, see the article links below, or via the left-side contents list.

Once published, a project can be viewed in a browser window, embedded into a webpage, or a PowerPoint presentation.

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Project SettingsPublishing to Squirrel CloudPublishing LocallyUsing the Project Manager

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