This is an overview page of the Squirrel spreadsheet, its uses as well as navigation to articles on the spreadsheet and its uses.

What is the spreadsheet?

Squirrel is built with the spreadsheet as the "brains" of the project. It is where the data is stored, manipulated, and bound to components on the canvas. This data can be anything from numbers and text values to formulas and even hex codes for styling.

The Squirrel spreadsheet has a very familiar layout to that of any spreadsheet tool, such as Excel, with numbered rows down the left side, and lettered columns along the top.

The capabilities of the Squirrel spreadsheet are limited, and purely as a means of basic calculations and formulas. Some features are not available within the Squirrel spreadsheet that are available within other spreadsheet tools.

Looking for some in particular?

Spreadsheet functionalitySupported Spreadsheet Functions

Something else?

Not find what you're looking for? Reach out to the Squirrel Community and post your questions there!

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