This is an overview page of Squirrel's components, their uses as well as navigation to articles for each of the available components.

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What is a component?

Squirrel components are essential building blocks for any project you create. They include Charts and Tables for displaying data, Controls for managing data movement and functionality, as well as Shapes and Media for designing and building a user interface.

Adding a component

Any component you are looking for can be found under any of the categories on the left-side Object Library panel.

After selecting any of the categories, they will display a list of all available components under that category.

Select the desired component and move the cursor over the canvas area. There are a few options for placing a component on the canvas:

1. One-click placement

2. Drawing component

Grouping Components

Components can be grouped on the canvas. When grouped, these components can be moved together on the canvas, as a single layer in the object browser and hidden via dynamic visibility.

Components can be grouped in a few ways:

1. Ctrl + G

2. Right-click menu

3. Arrange menu

Arranging Components

Components can be arranged on the canvas based on their positions and size. When multiple components are selected, the arrange menu will be enabled.

When arranging components, the arrangements will be based on the first selected component.

This is identifiable by the thicker blue bounding box around the component.

View components in action

When on the canvas, components have no interaction and serve only as a means of styling and layout. Components can be "tested" and viewed in action within the Debug and Preview menus.


Debug acts as a means to "test" a project. When in this mode, components can be interacted with on the canvas, and display the set styling for each of their states. In addition to this, the spreadsheet is still visible, allowing interactions and data movements to be viewed whilst interacting with the components.


Preview mode acts as a means of viewing the project as it will be seen in the browser before publishing. When in this mode, the spreadsheet cannot be viewed, but the components can be interacted with.

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