Publishing Locally

Once a project is completed, it needs to be published so that it can be shared and used outside of Squirrel. Not all Squirrel users have the option to publish locally, but for those who do, this guide will describe the process.

As of 1.16, all Publish options were migrated to a new Project Settings window. With this, the Publish to Cloud and Publish Locally options have had their settings simplified. The details are outlined below.

Publish Locally

  • Location - the location with which to publish the project within your files.

  • Name - A space to define the Project Name. If you have defined this within the Project Settings, this name will be carried across here.

  • Export As - Select the format to publish the project as. This can be as a Folder or as a .dash file

  • Cancel - Select to cancel

  • Publish - Select to Publish. This will transition to the Project Manager page.

As of v1.13, double-clicking on the project .html file will no longer work. Locally exported projects will only run when accessed from a Web server, or run from a CORS free browser.

For more information on this, check out this external article.

That’s the end of this guide to publishing locally. For more tutorials on publishing, using the Project Manager, and sharing your projects, see below:

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