SAP Webi Connector

The article described the SAP Webi connector and all its properties

Who can use this feature?

The SAP Webi Connector can be used by those with the Builder subscription plan.

For more details, see our pricing comparison matrix.

The SAP Webi Connector can is used to connect the Squirrel project to an external BusinessObjects database.

To add a connector to your project open the CONNECTIONS drawer in the object browser, select the appropriate entry from the dropdown box, and click the plus button:

The connection will appear in the CONNECTIONS drawer of the object browser. Select it to access its properties in the property panel.

SAP Webi Properties- Credentials


A BusinessObjects URL is required to use the SAP Webi Connector.

  • Standard WACS port - this option can be checked to enable the standard port for the BusinessObjects URL. When unchecked, a field will populate where a specific port can be defined.

    • For more information on WACS ports, see here


Once logged into and connected to the SAP environment, the properties panel will populate a WEBI REPORT drawer

Click to expand this drawer and click "Select Webi Document"

A list of all known documents in the connected environment will populate below. Navigate through and select the desired report to bring through to Squirrel.

After a document has been selected, follow the steps to select a report and table.

Finally, an option will appear to select how the data will populate in the spreadsheet.

  • Create new data sheet - creates a datasheet in the spreadsheet that will bringi nthe data.

Datasheets cannot be edited, only referenced in cell bindings and formulas in other sheets.

  • Select range in existing sheet


  • Refresh on Load - Causes the data to populate and refresh in the spreadsheet on load of the project

  • Refresh on Cell Changes - causes the data to populate and refresh in the spreadsheet on the change of a designated cell

  • Insert loading status in cell - inserts the status of the loading Webi Report in the spreadsheet. Can be used to track the initiation, progress, and completion, or failure.

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